Truetones Ring and Text Alerts - Celebrities

Yoda - Ringtone
Terminator - Ringtone
Star Wars OB1 - Ringtone
Gollum - Ringtone
Star Trek Scotty - Ringtone
Ozzy Osbourne - Ringtone
Freddy Krueger - Ringtone
Dr Evil - Ringtone
Darth Vader - Ringtone
SpiderMan - Ringtone
Yoda - TextAlert
Terminator - TextAlert
Star Wars OB1 - TextAlert
Gollum - TextAlert
Star Trek Scotty - TextAlert
Ozzy Osbourne - TextAlert
Freddy Krueger - TextAlert
Dr Evil - TextAlert
Darth Vader - TextAlert
SpiderMan - TextAlert

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