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Goth directory updates

Right here, in our ever-expanding directory. Keep sending up the links and tips, people!

Clive Barker Free Wallpapers

Just uploaded: Free Wallpapers to tribute Clive Barker! The "Everville" / "Great and Secret Show" wallpaper will also find its way into the T-shirt shop we're setting up.

Directory updates...and Clive Barker!

Today's seen lots of updates to our directory, and we've also put up an article about one of the true masters of horror: Clive Barker.

Absinthe - the free desktop wallpaper!

Following up on our article about that most gothic of drinks - Absinthe - we have now a free desktop wallpaper to celebrate the spirit of the green fairy. Get it and give your screen a legendary green tint!

Looking for the Green Fairy?

Look no further than to the next bottle of Absinthe, the legendary and lethally strong drink that was all the rage in the 19th century. IF there ever was a trademark gothic drink, this is it. Read a short summary about Absinthe here!

Fantasy- and Goth Directory updates (and lots of them)

Our effort to chew our way through our email backlog continues, and we're constantly updating our directory with new links to interesting goth-, horror- and fantasy websites.

Oscar Wilde book review

As a follow-up to our new Oscar Wilde free desktop wallpapers, we have just uploaded a review of his legendary gothic novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray". Read it here!

Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray Free Desktop Wallpapers

To celebrate the great Oscar Wilde and his standout work "The Picture of Dorian Gray", a gothich novel if there ever was one, we have just uploaded free wallpapers. One's got his name, the other promotes Basil Hallward - the painter of the famous picture. These two prints will be available on T-shirts in the shop we're setting up.

More, um, overhaul

We're rolling out a new version of the whole website due to some last minute changes. The good news? Easier to navigate all the wallpapers, we hope.

Oh, and another thing: we're also busy uploading our best wallpapers to a T-shirt shop we've got in the works. In other words, soon you can get our goth pics on apparel (ie black T-shirts, men's and women's).

There will also be some brand new prints themed around books like Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) novels, Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray - and many more.


As we're in the process of revamping (irresistible pun intended) our website, things might be a little glitchy over the coming days. If something's wrong - be patient, we're working on it!

The Greetings are out there...

We've finally converted our last greetings to free pictures. The ideal way to send a special "hello" to a friend, these MMS pics are one of a kind. As before, we've got three categories of them: Fun, Love and Quotes - all with goth, fantasy or similar themes.

Directory Updates Mania

We've got a nasty email backlog that we're tearing through right now, so all of you who have asked to be included in our directory with links to gothic sites will see your listings up soon. Bear with us.

New Free Desktop Wallpapers: Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

Right on the classic heels of our article on Charlotte Bronte's important gothic novel, we have just uploaded free wallpapers to tribute Jane Eyre. We've also got an article up where you can read about Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre. Ever heard of the madwoman in the attic? This is where she's from.

Directory Updates

More links added to our fledgling but ever-expanding directory, where we aim to link to all kinds of quality goth-, horror- and fantasy websites.

More greetings

The conversion goes on. This time, we've uploaded free text message pictures with phrases in Klingon.

RIP Peter Steele

Tribute desktop wallpapers for Peter Steele of Type O Negative fame. Rest in peace, Peter.

Even more greetings

Now of the gothic latin variety. See and download them here.

More free greetings

In our work to change our mobile phone pictures into free images, we've just completed the conversion of our elvish greetings. Check them out here

090307 // And the Twilight series mania continues! Here is the next free wallpaper in our tribute to Stephenie Meyer's fantastic vampire novels: a moody take on Eclipse, the third installation in the series - get it here! Here's a screenshot:

Free Desktop Wallpaper Stephenie Meyer - New Moon

090301 // It took us a while, but here's the next tribute wallpaper for Stephenie Meyer's vampire novel series featuring what might be the world's most popular lovers: Edward and Bella. This time, we've made a free wallpaper for New Moon, the second book in the series. Get it here! And here's a small screenshot:

Free Desktop Wallpaper Stephenie Meyer - New Moon

090213 // It's about time: We've just uploaded a free wallpaper tribute to Stephenie Meyer, author of the brilliant vampire/romance novel Twilight. We love the series too, and another wallpaper is already in the are wallpapers for Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and New Moon. Here's the wallpaper - get it here!

Free Desktop Wallpaper Stephenie Meyer - Twilight

090210 // It's Valetine's Day...soon! So we've put up all our gothic Valentine's Day MMS Animations. And they're free! Just download and send away.
Coming soon: A Twihliht wallpaper. No, I don't know what took us so long either...!

090208 // We have just added a new goth and horror tribute desktop wallpaper, this time in the honor of Bram Stoker. Without him, there'd be no Lestat, no Selene, no Edward and no Lost Boys. Here it is, available in six different resolutions:

Free Desktop Wallpaper Bram Stoker

090204 // We've got a new wallpaper up called Kaos (Chaos). Now we'll start working on a long-forgotten category of ours: tribute wallpapers for goth and horror authors!

Here's the new wallpaper:

Free Desktop Wallpaper Chaos

090131 // Even more directory updates while we're working on some chaos wallpapers.

090125 // More updates to our gothic directory.

090110 // New free gothic wordpress template available: Ankh

Wordpress theme screenshot

081230 // Don't miss our wicked happy new year mobile phone animations! And Happy New Year, everyone.

081227 // Our goth directory has been updated with some links, including one to a gothic text generator.

081222 // We're ironing out the bugs from our major overhaul, sorry if you get lost in the meantime!

081221 // So here it is at last: the mother of all updates (again). Not only have we made a graphical overhaul, but we have also started to convert this site to a free wallpaper site. That's right: as of now, all mobile phone wallpapers are FREE. That goes for our mobile phone animations as well, and we're busy converting the MMS greetings too. Some things such as games, themes and ringtones we still charge for, as we don't make those ourselves. Our desktop wallpapers are of course free as usual.

Now, grab some dark, gothic wallpapers for your phone and have a eerie, uncanny christmas, everyone!

080901 // Today we've updated our gothic directory with more links!

080830 // We've uploaded a new gothic horror author tribute desktop wallpaper, and this time we pay our respects to one of the greatest - Edgar Allan Poe.

Free Desktop Wallpaper Edgar Allan Poe

080828 // A new Wordpress template is up, this time themed around fairies.

Wordpress theme screenshot

080828 // We're planning an overhaul of the website soon, to make it easier to navigate.

080825 // A fantastic fantasy fairy wordpress theme (say that fast ten times in a row!) is on its way! Stay tuned!

080818 // Directory updated!

080817 // Our creative team has once again struck! Get our new gothic wordpress theme right here!

Wordpress theme screenshot

080814 // Gothic literature directory page updated.

080810 // The first of our goth- and horror author tribute desktop wallpaper is up! We've started with Laurell K. Hamilton, the author behind the Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter series.

Free Desktop Wallpaper - Goth- and Horror Author Tributes, Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake

Expect quite a few more authors to join the ranks, all with their own wallpaper themed around their work.

080803 // One of our new wordpress templates is now online, and as usual it's got a design you aren't likely to find anywhere else. Here's a screenshot:

Wordpress theme screenshot

You'll find our other wordpress themes right here!

080801 // We're now got some new wordpress themes and free wallpapers in the works! A few examples include pentagram and fairy-themed wordpress blog designs, and desktop background wallpapers featuring tributes to famous authors and directors of goth- and horror movies. All of it for free, of course. The new stuff will begin to trickle onto the website in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

080524 // And it's a new wicca update! A free desktop wallpaper in many sizes with a wicca motive - get it here!

080523 // We have added an article on the religion of Wicca to our article archive! Don't forget to check out our Wiccan mobile hpone wallpapers right here!

080518 // Now you can search our website! (Ok, so you could do that before today to, but now we have our own little searchbox!) Go on, try it!

080516 // New Free Desktop wallpaper!

That's right - head over to our free wallpaper section and download this fantasy druidess to decorate your desktop. And don't miss our goth section where you'll find plenty more free wallpapers featuring gothic motives of all kinds.

080505 // It looks like our new Wicca wallpapers are popular! We'll try to get some more up as soon as possible.

080502 // We've now got Wicca symbols available for your mobile phone! Hecate, Cauldron, Athame and Triskele - get them right here!

080420 // Work and studies have kept us really busy for the past months, but we're still here! Today we've updated our directory with a link to an online horror store, and we're currently working on some new Wicca wallpapers.

080222 // Our new magic symbols for mobile phones page is up! Now there are nine more occult symbols you can get for your cell phone, available right here! Next set will be wicca symbols - check back later.

080216 // Missed our Gothic Valentine's Day animations this year? Don't worry, they'll be back next year. In the meantime, don't miss our regular love greetings!

080214 // Get a Valentine's Day love message for mobile phones here and send it to your heart's desire! Check out the range of love animations to the left and forward the picture when you've downloaded the image.

080205 // Today sees the premiere of our free gothic wordpress templates! Click here to get the nastiest blog on the net!

080120 // While working on a new set of magic symbols, we added a page that lists all compatible mobile phones.

080113 // In our struggle to offer you mobile phone images of a kind that cannot be found elsewhere on the net, we now proudly present our latest set: Magic Symbols. Check them out here!

080101 // Welcome to this side of 2008. We've got heaps of plans for the coming year, so expect some great additions during the coming year. For example, we will concentrate on the darker, gothic side of our wallpapers and animations, and we will have some truly original stuff coming up. A set of mobile phone wallpapers with magical symbols - the real works - are in the making, as are a set of wicca symbols.

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