Brrrains! Zombies Explained, Part 3

In addition, some have suggested that a cause for the Zombie-like behaviour in people might be caused by the intense and ruthless group psychology in some Voodoo-practising cultures, some of which – according to the aforementioned researchers, not this author – more resemble cults than societies.

Zombies in fiction

Up until the mid-fifties, Zombies had mostly been portrayed in fiction as mindless slaves. This, however, was radically changed when American science fiction author Richard Mathesons published a story called I am Legend, a work that would come to change the view on Zombies in popular media and also inspire a certain George A. Romero to make a number of legendary Zombie movies. In I am Legend, people were inflicted by a virus that not only turned them into Zombies, but also made them cannibals and, interestingly, vampiric. The undeads’ quest for brains had begun.

Nowadays, most Zombies are pictured in movies, books and computer games as rotten, semi-conscious corpses with a ceaseless appetite for human flesh, especially the big lump of fat found between our ears. A common scenario in fiction is the group of humans who remains unaffected by whatever reason that have turned everyone else into Zombies, and who has to find a way to survive, cure those infected (normally impossible), contain the epidemic and save humanity. Typical reasons for so-called Zombie-epidemics are radioactive disasters, viruses or telepathic power – all pretty far removed from the original idea of drugs, however game-turned-movie-phenomena Resident Evil is a notable exception.

There you are: a quick Zombie guide, provided by your friendly staff at Creative Wallpapers. Now that you’re versed in the lore of Zombies, why not pick up one of our mobile phone animations featuring our favourite undead? They work on most cell phones, and they’re (almost) guaranteed to leave your brain alone...

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