Series Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Ok, what would you get if you mix one third of vampire hunting one third of vampire humour and. one third of high school kids? Tatadaa: Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Imagine an ordinary high school sixteen year old girl from the States. Yes, she is blonde, desperate for a date and not to bright. And then add that the same girl is chosen to be the Slayer, who hunts down vampires, witches and the like.

The TV-series has been a major hit and for all of you who hasn't yet seen it, or haven't seen it from the beginning I would recommend to get the season one collection, which covers episode 1-12. The first episode sort of covers the background of Buffy, when she starts a new school (after being kicked out from the old one, since she burned down the gym.). Later on we meet her Watcher, her new friends, her enemies and a mysterious and gorgeous man who calls himself Angel and who seems to show up every now and then to warn her of coming evil.

I like watching Buffy! It is funny and the dialog is great. Sure, the high school drama sort of takes away the horror factor and since it is a TV-series the quality of make up and special effects are somewhat limited. (Why do the vampires gets so darn ugly when they transform? Why the ugly foreheads change? Vampires are just supposed to grow fangs, everyone knows that!) On the other hand, since the TV-series are from 1996 and probably had a limited budget, the special effects are kind of restricted.

However, excellent work from the actress' and actors side together with a clever script and dialog make Buffy the Vampire Slayer to become one of my favourite gothic TV-series.

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