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The Culture of Goth Facts about Dragons Basic Science Fiction Celts and Celtic Culture
The History of Vampires Magical Fairies Science Fiction History, Part 1 Mayan Civilization
Vampire Legends The History of Fantasy Science Fiction History, Part 2 Tattoos - Art in Ink
Brrrains! On Zombies, Part 1 Mystical Unicorns Science Fiction History, Part 3 In Swedish News: Zombie Hunters Wanted!
Brrrains! On Zombies, Part 2   UFOs - Truth or Myth Halloween Preparations
Brrrains! On Zombies, Part 3     The Wicca Religion
Author Portrait: Charlaine Harris     Absinthe
Author Portrait: Anne Rice      
Author Portrait: Clive Barker    


Movie Reviews Book Reviews Music Reviews Series Reviews
The Machinist Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Manowar - Sons of Odin Buffy the Vampire Slayer
X-men 3 - The Last Stand Undead and Unreturnable    
Spirited Away Dance Macabre    
Vampire Hunter D Undead and Unwed    
  Night Pleasures    
  Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre    
  Soulless by Gail Carriger    
  Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray    

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