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Ligeia is a comic strip for mobil about a Vampire and her cat, Edgar, They're evil beings who use human beings to satisfy their purposes. The first series is centred in Transylvania and is set during World War II, when the Nazis' Paranormal Office sends some men after Ligeia the vampire and a faboulous treasure.
The Vampire Coven Online Resource Centre
Anne Rice-o-rama! Looking for wallpapers of Lestat? Avatars for Louis? Dolls for Claudia? Or do you wonder how others illustrate Vampire Chronicles or any other Anne Rice characters? Visit TVCORC and find out.
Monstrous Vampires
Monstrous Vampires is a great resource for all who are interested in the history of vampires and famous vampires. The site also contains really good information on the powers of vampires and several other aspects as well as a picture gallery. Nice design and easy to navigate.
Vampire Rave is an online resource for the vampire community. This site have tons of information, articles, contests and a forum.
Vampire Realm of Darkness
This is a great resource for all who are interested in the artistic aspects of the world of vampires. The site contains lots of pictures, book reviews and movie reviews. They also have a well visited forum. Recommended.
Vampires & Slayers
Here you will find articles about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Blade and lots of other vampire series, comics and fiction.
Crypt of Vampires
This is part of a personal home page with some great vampire content. The site offers book reviews, movie reviews and vampire art.
John Carpenter
Well, what is there to say? This is the home of John Carpenters movies. Enjoy it!
Vampires Among Us
VAU is yet another information site about vampires with tons of info such as book reviews, movie reviews, music, club and events reviews. The site also offers a forum and a roleplaying section and lots more. It is a warm and really cool site.
The Dark Heaven
The Dark Heaven is a site dedicated to Ann Rice's vampires. Interesting and really nice design.
This is the official website of the author Anne Rice. It's a well-designed site where you can find information on her best-selling Vampire chronicles as well as the stories about the Mayfair Witches and her many other projects. Recommended.
Dracula's Homepage
Dracula's Homepage is an interesting site about Dracula, vampires, bats and the work of Dr. Elizabeth Miller, an expert on Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Some good resources and articles.
Dracula's Castle
Cool site about Vlad Tepes (Dracula) and Bran Castle as well as Castle Dracula (which is in ruins) with pictures on both castles. The site could use some design, but whatever it might lack in aesthetics, it makes up with some great photos.
Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror
This site is dedicated to the silent movie Nosferatu, directed by F.W. Murnau. Great info and some fine imaginary from the movie. is an online vampire shop that offer everything from cool clothing and accessories to a nice selection of vampire drinking gear and dragon skin folders. The site also have a forum. Recommended.

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